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Located on the right blank of the estuary of Gironde, at the north of Bordeaux, next to « Côtes de Bourg » area, this manor house built in 1690 appeared on the old map of Cassini in the 18 th century as Château LA CASSAGNE & BOUTET. This is one of the oldest estate of the village of Cars.

In 1864, Châteaux La Cassagne and Boutet are mentioned in the famous rating of Bordeaux wines « Cock’s & Ferret » as first and second « Cru Bourgeois ».

This is at the begining of the 20th century, and under the supervising of the owner Jean Jules Roy that the two estates merged  to the actual Château LA CASSAGNE BOUTET.

In 1980, the wine estate was entirely settled :

In 1998 Denis Vergez took the management of Château LA CASSAGNE-BOUTET. He will develop the exploitation to a more reasoned cultivation and a winemaking always more modern and meticulous.

In 2004, Château LA CASSAGNE-BOUTET took over the production of Château COMBELONGUE also classified in the historical « Cock’s & Ferret » rating as « premier Cru Bourgeois ».

Nowadays these two neighboring properties are owned in family by Denis and his son Nicolas as VINEYARDS FONTÉMOING-VERGEZ.

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"Il y a plus de philosophie dans une bouteille de vin que dans tous les livres." Pasteur.


Château La Cassagne Boutet (10 hectares) on a east southeast hillside and Château Combelongue (4 hectares)  on the opposate side are submitted to the AOC (protected desgination of origin) « Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux » spécifications.

A thin layer of clay over a calcareous tray characterize our ground and brings it all its complexity. Both properties formed a domain all in one piece of 25 hectares and are naturally separated by a stream ” le brouillon “. Besides the vine, we find here fruit trees, fallows and meadows that bring biodiversity and create a biological environment subserving the microbial life of grounds. In an way of sustainable development and for an economically and ecologically viable production, we try hard to think of the disease prevention and to reflect our interventions to limit our impact on the environment.

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"Boire du vin c'est boire du génie." Baudelaire.


Our production, 4 red wines make carefully and with passion. We try to develop these wines in the wish to sublimate our « terroir ». Here nothing is made in a systematic way, because vintages are all different and typical. It is in this idea and for the respect of the raw material that we try hard to minimize the oenological inputs. The rigorous traceability of all the stages of the wine making guaranteed the quality of our products and the respect due to the final consumer. Find out our wines by clicking the corresponding bottles.






"À qui sait l'écouter le vin parle." Michel Onfray


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